in gaming, stands for "nice try" and is used when someone falls just short of completing an objective such as capturing a flag or planting a bomb
nt man, you almost had that one...
by HKGunner March 13, 2005
The abbreviation of not, used as a joke or to insult.

Pronounced as int
A: Hey i got your test results back, you dont have cancer.

B: Really?

A: N't.
by Dr. Dan the Man May 03, 2011
Short for No Tears a club of misfits as often found in social networking sites. Refers to members not getting all butt hurt when they are talked about or made fun of online.
Why was he whining again, I thought this was NT?
by RocketRoy May 08, 2010
An operating system developed by Microsoft Corporation. Originally released in 1996 as version 4.0, it was aimed at business users with both server and client versions.

In 2000, Microsoft released a new version of NT, again aimed for business users. It was called Windows 2000, though the technical name is NT 5.0. It came in 4 versions: Professional (for client computers), and several server versions including 2000 Server, Advanced Server, and Datacenter Server.

Unlike previous versions of Windows, NT is built on its own, original kernal, meaning it has no affiliation to its predecessor MS-DOS. This, and many features new to the NT kernal, made NT the best operating system of its time.

Windows NT is still used by most PC users - both home and business. The current version is NT 5.1, known to consumers as XP Home Edition and XP Professional. The upcoming version of NT will be version 6.0, know to consumers as Windows Vista.
I think that people should learn how to use their Windows systems securly before complaining about it. If people used passwords, installed antivirus programs and firewalls, and used antispyware programs, they would get less than half the "blue screens of death" than they get now.
by HTML + Flash = cool March 24, 2006

New Testament (of the bible)
I like Genesis' early work, but I much prefer the NT.
by Lou Stenspayce April 07, 2004
Equivalent to "nice try". Used during online gaming after a round is finished as a complimentary gesture to someone who just died or won.
MuRdA.ScEnE: omg
samantha: yeah i died
samantha: yay...stupid haXorZ
MurdA.ScEnE: nt
samantha: thx =)
by wiCkEd eEv November 30, 2002
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