Nice toss, referring to someones l337 nade skillz.
(you get killed by a grenade from out of nowhere)
(you): nt
(them): ty
by j0E September 15, 2003
Noun : an NT is someone who irresponsibly drinks themselves into a rediculous episode of stupidity.

VERB : To BE NT'ed means you have drank yourself retarded and will likely end up naked without you knowing it soon afterwards.

ADVERB : An Event (x) can be considered NT'ly if it somehow involved you ending up naked without knowing it.
I got NT'ed Last nite !
#drunk #drank #drink #naked #stupidity
by Terry Goodman ( NT ) December 09, 2006
nt also can mean nothing cuz all ppl are too lazy to type the "nothing"
someone say: sup
you say : nt
by ron April 05, 2004
the ending of didn't
n't tell you to sit down
by Chamere Green October 04, 2003
meaning no time in CSGO
he managed to get the ace but nt.
by xx420noscopesxx May 14, 2016
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