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non praticeing gay
mike:Is todd gay?

me:No he's an npg
by julia v. September 16, 2008
Also known as No Pussy Getting Syndrome. Symptons may included breakout of pimples (acne), non stop masturbating, and anger problems. NPGS can lead to depression and there for lead to suicide. The only way to not aquire it is to get a girlfriend or have some sex.
Damn, look at Jim, he has the full case of NPGS.

I feel sorry for him. LOL

by j.EaSy March 23, 2008
Abbreviation for 'No Problem Gangsta'. Used mainly as a shorthand while typing txt msgs to say 'you're welcome'.
(txt message example conversation)

Person 1: thx for that sick new tv!
Person 2: npg, glad you like it.
by Davisman123 December 18, 2009
No Pussy Getters- Can be used to describe lesbians who act like they get it and don't or just that guy who randomly fakes tongue in mid- air all the time
"Damn, look at that girl fake tonguing."

"Well, we no she ain't getting none"

"Yeah, all these NPGs are scaring me"
by Mr.Marley1.0 November 21, 2011
Non-practicing Gay. Also see metrosexual
"My father became an NPG to help save a marriage"
by PIAA December 02, 2004

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