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nike shorts
no day is too cold for norts.
by 864 November 13, 2010
Someone that you don't like but you aren't sure why.
I know. He's just such a little nort.
by BlueSteele July 27, 2011
The term "nort" is commonly refered to certain individuals in our society today. The word doesn't nessesarily have a specific definition, it just commonly attributes to certain people. Thus, in short, the word "nort" is exactly what it sounds like.
-Look at Willy run through the cabbage patch - he's such a little NORT!

-That hobo is rummaging through the garbage again- tisk tisk, what a NORT!
by Nort Expert September 21, 2007
When a person is afraid of going to parties.
"Dude last weekend Jim didn't want to go to that party. He's such a Nort!"
by urbanhero123 February 21, 2009
Short for Norton Antivirus, aka computers, aka nerd, aka nort.
A word used for describing those of the most nortious manner;

The nerdiest nerd: Does encapsulate, but not limited to: gamer, book worm, school nerd, librarian, computer wiz, know it all, etc.
"I know pie to 637 digits"
"You're such a nort"
"Does not compute!"
by Thedefinerofallwords January 24, 2012
A small piece of something that is irregular in shape and worthless in value. Commonly referred to as "a little piece of shit"
My dog loves when i flick crusty norts off of the table into his mouth.
by Zdoggerdudemandogdude July 06, 2006
Nort is a short word for snorting, as in cocaine.
I just norted a line of chop, i'm geeking like a sum bitch.
by DoNnOmEnAL September 25, 2008