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The Best Fucking City In The World!!!!!! Since It Is Part Of Canada And Has Only Aprox. 18k of people!!!
Kid1: i live inPort Colborne

kid2: OMG, really?

kid1: Hell yeah

kid2: Then.You're.Fucking.Awesome!!
by ILNB so much!! December 19, 2010
Is the best city ever! theres so much to do I party every night in port colborne. NOT. I gotta go to skiddy welland to party since everybody is a LOSER in port! lakewhore & pothigh school ? like COMON.
julia: hey wanna party in port colborne tonight?

chris: If we can find something.. we will probably just end up sitting at the freaking canal all night long getting high cause ports sketch.

julia: yaaa nevermind. welland it is.
by anon 2091 July 02, 2011
Port Colborne is a beautiful little city on Lake Erie in the Niagara Region. Port Colborne is a great place to visit and there is so much to do. If you come down to Port Colborne, you'll highly unlikely be disappointed.
Stephen: Dude wanna go to Port Colborne tonight?

Curtis: Yeah man! Port Colborne has so much to do, after we go swimming at the pool and walk along to the canal, we can chill at the park and then we can go to the party that is just down the road.
by Oliver Duck August 31, 2012
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