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8 definitions by watson

Fuck Me Boots. Tight fitting, black boots to the knee.
Shit dawg, she got dem FMBs on. Tight bitch
by Watson May 20, 2003
618 86
I am in no way misleading you, my friend.

See also: fronting, Holmes
Are you serious?
I ain't fronting, Holmes!
by Watson February 24, 2005
320 65
A shitty car
"I can pull James Bond stunts in a jalopy."
by watson November 20, 2002
155 55
The inner parts of the ear. Similar to the eyeball but used for hearing.
Damn it Franco, you stuck that pencil right in my earball!
by Watson December 12, 2004
33 17
Back when chat was invented, believe it or not, the meaning of lol was nothing more than Lamer On Line, so most elite guys would use that too alert others and make fun of lamers without their knowledge, course lamers not knowing that, did not understand the meaning and quickly it became known to be Laughting Out Loud, score one for the lamers... :) all this happened when text was king and the net a i said...believe it or not.

see: lamer
Lammer> This coversation channel sux and you all stupid.
Ruler> lol
by Watson February 15, 2005
384 378
Boombonic is a word used to describe a type of marijuana. When under the feeling of 'boombonic' weed, you've reached a new level of 'highness' never achieved before.
We hotboxed the sauna with this new weed and got so tripped out, it must have been boombonic.
by Watson July 12, 2004
6 2
Thomas Zieba,

--Uneducated painter, target employee and wanna be a computer geek.

--Internet romances canadians.

--Lives at home with mommy, yet earns $25.00 per hour.

--Had sex with a cousin.
TomX, a.k.a. TommyX likes the canadian men.
by watson October 14, 2004
9 7