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The male sexual body part also known as the penis
The girl in my english class wants The D.
Tonight im going to put The D in my girls vagina.
#vagina #penis #sex #blow-job #fucking
by light123 September 26, 2011
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Slang for dick. Used by R. Kelly in the song So Sexy on Twista's Kamikaze album of 2004.
This is for them girls that be wantin The D
This is for them girls that be lovin The D
This is for them girls that be ridin The D
The ones that like to keep The D up inside em

#sex organs #penis #cock #genitals #nudity
by bigjimdx October 13, 2005
Slang for Detroit city
Im moving back to the D
by Sun Rhythms October 13, 2004
this refers to the DICK, AKA, penis
she likes the D, or the DDDDD BOMB
by QT December 19, 2004
That hoe eats dick
Dude that girl defiantly is a thed.
#thot #that #hoe #eats #dick
by theapplicator August 10, 2015
A redinkydonk way to refer to McDonalds.
Yo so, your shirt looks amazing, lets go to the ds", "Dinner Tonight, I was thinking the ds
#macdonalds #the ds #jake #amir #jake and amir #redinkydonk
by NexSolo August 22, 2010
A person who listen to kidz bop nonstop in their car just so people can pay attention
Man look at the boy actin all thed
#theddy #kidzbop #attetion #music #dumb #teddy
by Smrealhomie June 17, 2009
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