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To press a piece of cannabis extract known as Butane Hash Oil against a heated surface of an oil rig pipe and inhale the smoke. These extracts have up to 90% THC levels. It is the newest growing trend for cannabis connoisseurs and Colorado currently has the largest following to date.
Hey man, I got some dabs. Can I borrow your torch?
He's dabbing some BHO.
by SlabsofDabs July 11, 2013
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A new form of smoking weed. Instead of smoking the buds of the marijuana plant, kids now smoke the oil from it. It does get you way higher, but also may cause more harmful mental effects than it does good ones.

Typically, this is what a normal "dabber" carries around to smoke dabs:

An "oil slick" - a small jar to hold the weed oil without it sticking to the jar.
A "dabber" - a dentistry looking tool for scraping the oil out of the oil slick.
An "oil rig" - like a bong, it is a special pipe to smoke weed oil with
A "nail" - the part that is attached to the "oil rig" so super-heat the oil to smoke
"Yo man. I just turned 16, we're gonna have a party at my house and we're gonna be dabbing! You in?" -Typical new generation Kandi Kid.
by DannyDay95 October 27, 2014

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