absence of the abnormal. Conformity, lacking drama, excitement or anything else stimulating. Boring.
If you want to throw a 'normal' party. Don't invite any cool people.
by spittinpigeon January 02, 2004
A deception strewn about by society in order to coerce the public into believing they must conform to society's standards so that they, in essence, becomes slaves to the sayings of those, corrupt and in charge, who in turn do not even heed their own advice.
We're a democratic nation. We believe in honesty and integrity, yet our whole economy is glued together by a currency that is backed by the wind, and is privately owned and operated! Normal....yeeeeeaah, right. All our time spent working for paper backed by the wind. That's normal. mmhmm.
#normalcy #normality #society #corrupt #different
by Jah Jah Warrior October 23, 2009
Because of all the scene and emo trends, in this day and age, if you are normal, you are different.
if you got the high schools today, the normal kids wearing Gap, are usually the ones that stand out.
#normal #scene #emo #norm #gap
by brennn February 02, 2008
Your own unique style.
An absence of a "label".
In people's efforts to "define' themselfes in labels, they fail to see that in doing so, the only "unique" thing left is being normal, as everyone els abandoned it.
by woot ^^ woot ^^ September 11, 2005
The state of a relationship in which two people routinely redefine the idea of normal to rationalize their idea of a 'friendship' which crosses several social boundaries and conventions.
Despite evidence to the contrary, Elizabeth and Matthew convinced themselves it was completely 'normal' to repeatedly and consitently flout social norms in an attempt to satisfy sexual desires
#normal #friendship #acceptable #sexual #desires #conventions
by A+B Team February 05, 2009
Something no one is, but for some reason strive to be.
Normal? No such thing.
#normal #weird #nomral #stupid #akward #dumb
by Words120 October 28, 2007
Since everyone is different, meaning no one is alike, then we are the same, thus we are all normal. So everyone's tag should be normal.
Normal is everything and everything is normal.
#me #you #goths #emo #preppy #jocks
by Kat~la October 12, 2008
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