1 : a state of being
2 : highly over-rated
3 : being excruciatingly boring

synonyms : plain, boring, ordinary, average, typical.

antonyms : elaborate, interesting, unusual, abnormal, unexpected.
Normal person, "lets do something."
Abnormal person, "k, like what?"
Normal person, "lets go see the new documentry on t.v."
Abnormal person, "Right..."
by Silphie December 22, 2004
One who masturbates a lot.
You are not normal. You are normal.
by Maljendar November 09, 2004
There's no such thing as normal and anyone who strives to be normal is wasting their time.
by weirdandlovingit August 10, 2008
normal exists only as a setting on dryers and washing machines, the setting that makes everything fade away and wear out. normal is a really sucky setting.
all my clothes are all so faded because my little cousins are too lazy to set the washing machine themselves and always use the normal setting.............
by TorY July 07, 2004
What is normal? If normal is the similarity in everyone, but if everyone is different, nobody can be normal. Therefore, normal is a term used by those who are controling to change the ideals of others. Normal is an unoffical way of mind control.
I'll never be normal and neither will you!
by MatrixFox March 03, 2006
Small fluffy farm-yard animal, otherwise known as a sheep. They look down upon anyone who refuses to conform to the masses.
townie scum are normal
by clown boy March 05, 2004
no one who writes on this dictionary is normal
therefore... your all weird!! FREAKS AHHHH
by Mes March 23, 2005

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