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absence of the abnormal. Conformity, lacking drama, excitement or anything else stimulating. Boring.
If you want to throw a 'normal' party. Don't invite any cool people.
by spittinpigeon January 02, 2004
The act of defecating on another's chest. AKA cleveland steamer, without rubbing it around.
We were in the mood for some scat play, so I gave her a hot thomas.
by spittinpigeon February 15, 2006
People who believe in the idea of social and economic equality between the sexes, i.e. feminism. However, a large majority of feminists who are of the female gender, will still rip your head off if you leave the seat up. Therefore rendering themselves hypocrites.
"Bill, you left the seat up!"...
"I know honey, I put it up, you put it down, it's fair, in fact, it's even easier to put it down"...
"That's not the point!"...
"Remember all that equality stuff you were reading about in 'feminists weekly'?"
*she storms off*
by spittinpigeon February 15, 2006

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