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Used to show sly agreement
You have three testicles?
by PeskyLlama November 30, 2003
a sound that describes the following:
yes'um, ok, yea
by Ewan Oglethorpe June 20, 2004
a sound in written form meaning agreement, 'yes', can also be used as a coy/sexy way of agreeing
1) 'you really like those chips dont you?' 'mm hmm.'

2) 'yo baby, you like when i touch you liek that?' 'mm hmm.'
by Natalie May 12, 2004
a sound you make to express disinterest OR tremendous interest depending on the tone used
"Hey, check out my collection of bottle caps"
disinterested response: "mmhmm"

"Hey check out my wifes new tits!!"

#oh yeah #okay #that's what i'm talking about #whatever #sweeeeet
by Tysma July 10, 2008
A form of response, typically used as a counterpoint.
"mmmmhmmmm" -(base version)
Use when you know someone is just full of it,ie "whatever","ninja please"

"mhm" - (the interruptor)
Use for quickly interrupting someone, case in point, If you just want that person to shut up

"mmmmmmmhmmmmmmmm" - (extended version)
Use when you know that person is full of bullsh*t.

"mmhmmmmmmm" (extended ending)
Use when you know that person is being mischievous.

"MMMHMMMM" - (physical)
Use with body language to call someone out, ex. turn your head, snap your finger, roll your eyes

"M&MHM&M" - (disguise)
The use of M&M's candy, not necessarily for consumption, but for costume purposes i.e. Halloween.

"mmm-H&M-mmm" - (clothing)
The relentless pursuit of clothing oneself with offerings from various fashion retailers such as H&M, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, Forever21 (Exluded: Abercrombie)
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by BaxterOcampo November 06, 2014
Something you say when agreeing with someone, like the lazy "yes."
I am going to get me some tonight!

#yes #yup #sure #yea #nah
by Lashequa July 26, 2009
kind of agreeing, but not really
Johonny: do you want some pig ears?

Me: mmhmm
#mmhmm #agree #lol #kinda #no
by Henry Grant September 15, 2008
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