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The creator of interesting. One who has a lot of swagger and attitude. One who is a strong advocate of world peace starting with one woman at a time. Tibetan word for someone who is "hung like a Himalayan donkey". Also a word used to relay a sense of complete and utter satisfaction; sexual or otherwise. A Superman without the drawback of being allergic to kryptonite. A down low booty call ninja. A person who's sh*t actually doesn't stink. The coolest, most amazing, sexual, appealing, creative, handsome man in all of the known universe.
Well he's not an Emiel, but he'll do.

Jake got mad at me because as I was climaxing I screamed, "Oh, Emiel".

Have you ever seen that movie, "The Emiel, the Bad, and the Ugly?".
by Jackolus Rabbit February 05, 2010
Emiel, a super cool person irl.
Wow Emiel is soooo cool!!
by Leime Rellak August 08, 2003
Sex addicted fool who jerks off all day long in front of his PC.
You are such an emiel!
by Stefan August 08, 2003

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