Dang it i cant get this NORB to go away!
by jimlustylip September 17, 2010
to attack with ones ass, usually by means of hurling it at the opponent
The uppercut was followed by a vicious left-cross and a norb to the ribs.
by Marcel Hunt April 22, 2003
A word which many different people have made different definitions (ex. nerd, queer, etc.). The original definition for ´norb´ is not known.
Jake: I so wanna listen to that one song that everyone kept singing.
Ryan: Dude that song sounded so bootsy.
Jake: Your acting like such a norb... again!
Ryan: I wouldn´´t be talking..
by Forenisel August 09, 2009
A Verb used to describe to dominance of one's hammering skills, or a noun referring to the great man Norb(AKA Norbert)himself. Norbage is another noun used to describe the act of using the said skills.
Verb: I am totally norbing these nails right now.
Noun: 1st usage: Norb is the fucking man, he owns all foremen. 2nd Usage: That was some definite norbage you pulled on the far side of the house.

by HFHV July 10, 2008
Best Catholic church/youth group ever! Located in the Philly suburbs. We're just awesome...and so is God!!
Hey you guys going to norbs tonight?
by JesusFreak June 03, 2006
An abreviation used in some stoner circles for 'Norbert Nightmare'. The word is used to express displeasure at any given unpleasant situation used as a replacement for 'Nightmare'
That argument was such a norb.
Oh man this is a norb; we can't get any gear.
by Rupy April 13, 2004
1. a very very stupid person
2. a very uncool person
3. Someone who is VERY nosy
4. A hideously ugly person

(all derived from the name norbert)
"he is such a norb"
"ha ha ha. how much of a norb is he?"
"you are such a nosey norb"
"you're gross, you are one huge norb"
by Jodie M September 23, 2005

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