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A girl that is so attractive that it makes guys sweat .
Veronica is so boiling , everyone in Orangewood High wants to go out with her !!!!
by Adriana April 10, 2004
The act of Boiling: to experiance sexual gratification by being urinated on by another individual. The reciever is often reffered to as a 'boiler'.
He is lying on his back whilst that black momma is boiling on him!

Did you see the new boiling pictures from
by salsa-meister December 16, 2010
Native American slang use to describe the process of consuming alcohol. Sometimes used to hide your intentions of drinking.
Biz: Are you guys going boiling tonight?
Verlin: Yeah, still a little hungover from last night, but yeah I think so. Biz: Might as well bro!

Around Parents:
Biz: Did you lboil last night?
Verlin: You know it bro, went boiling early, I woke up at the How-How (Housing projects) about 3am so Booker T'd (left) that joint!

by Robert Azure September 06, 2007
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