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Totally Ridiculous Live show
that does not play full length music videos
"trl sucks" Totally Ridiculous Live show
by Carly2010 August 07, 2006
Norbed means you are so bored you cannot eat sleep or even move the boredom has set in to such a level you are often mistaken for weird objects such as your moms celery she wants to use in tonights dinner or a lightswitch and in some other cases your sisters will jump and pounce on you taking advantage of the norbed state you are in.
Omg my sister is so norbed lets go dump boiling acid on her face!!!
by Carly2010 August 08, 2006
an Xam is the misspelling of the word Exam. This Spelling is mostly used by Americas Lower Class and Americas Presidents because most the time they just sit on their butts all day and dont learn anything.
"Look at that President filling out that xam"
by Carly2010 August 07, 2006
the cure to all EVIL!
The angry devilish man kissed me and then i fell in love even tho he had just tried to kill me with his huge steak
by Carly2010 August 08, 2006
night creature with black hearts and ravenous teeth that glow in the dark feasting on bums that sleep in the park. they'll hide under your bed. they'll rip you butt to shreads. The Chinese believe if you find a discarded panda tooth you have the power to summon GODZILLA. Like a shark pandas have huge teeth which are used to grind through bone candy and fences
"Hey look at that panda over there with his nasty teeth"
by Carly2010 August 07, 2006
Gar is a term offenly used toward the African American race. Calling someone a Gar is like Calling someone a Nigger without them relizing it.
Girl: You are such a gar
Black Man: What the hell you talkin bout youngin?
by Carly2010 August 08, 2006

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