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A designated time of day when you come home on your lunch break to bang your spouse.
I was crazy horny so I came home to catch a nooner.
by Matt Nederbo December 11, 2006
105 102
sex between 2 or more people during a lunch break from work or school.
I work much more efficiently after a good nooner.
by OVincent August 19, 2009
39 44
Male or female genitalia, especially refering to sex.
I can't wait to pound your nooners. OR You're making my nooners swell.
by nooner patrol January 04, 2005
39 48
The name given to people when they are seen by people performing a nooner.
Hey I saw the nooners again today in the garage in her toyota.
by dag2008 July 10, 2008
12 23
An erect penis that resembles the hands of a clock at 12:00 P.M. (straight up). If a nooner is exhibited during the late evening hours, it can also be referred to by the term midnighter.
I was sitting at work when Frank sent me that NSFW video. I got a pretty big nooner and couldn't wait to get home and FAP.
by PetefromCrete February 18, 2011
14 32
When you combine lunch with sex.
Melissa went home for a nooner.
by bnc4e October 19, 2007
37 59
The act of leaving work with someone you are not married to and engaging in a sexual act. Preferably in a car/SUV that you have parked in a parking garage. The location is normally thought to be a secret so that coworkers will not know of the affair. But is normally known to people that park in the garage.
Hey Dennis meet me at my black toyota in the garage, it will be a nooner.
by dag2008 June 24, 2008
15 47