1. The act of mass marketing and mass exposing an owners website in a short amount of time, and with minimal effort involved in the process.
2. Generating cash flow income that is residual in nature and on the same token, highly steady with the limitations created only by the user’s click amount.
3. Slang term for a win-win internet marketing venture. A situation that has all positive reactions and no negative sacrifices.
I earned referral commissions for introducing Noobing to my friend.
by DictionaryAdmin September 16, 2008
Top Definition
Noobing is the essence of acting like a noob currently. Anyone who has actions similar to that of a noob, can be said to be engaged in the act of noobing
Did you see that level 1 hunter he was totally noobing
by ultradictator September 03, 2008
1- major pwning in a videogame, in which you make your opponent(s) out to be a noob.

2- The action of incessantly calling someone a noob.
1- Yo brah, I was noobing so much last night when I was playin world of war craft.

2- George would not stop noobing me. It made me feel incredibly inferior.
by KAnst October 20, 2009
degrading one's self identity to the point in which they believe that they are isolated from society
Bullying can be seen as a close friend to noobing.
by ultrabasshead September 03, 2008
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