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A philosophy on life's actions and reactions. (acronym): As Laid Back As Possible
I've never seen Mike get mad...he's always so albap.
by wagon October 28, 2003
Another name for a cocksucker.
Your such a touchhole.
by wagon December 12, 2003
a stupid story with a pointless ending
ridiculous mistake.
Various nobbys-

"There's a bucthers........ they'll sell meat."

"Do I see my eyes!!??"

"Pick that up, that's loitering!"

" I was playin this game, and you had to stop by pressing the button, and I pressed it and it didnt work, so I pressed it again."

"Fuck me there are loads of gliders today! Oh no wait there's just one."

"Speed pickles in slow motion is just normal pickles!"
by Wagon December 16, 2005

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