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Sequel to Rare's popular N64 game Banjo-Kazooie. Banjo and Kazooie are back to stop Gruntilda a second time.
It only had a limited shelf life as it was one of the last games made for the N64. It’s hard to get hold of but an excellent game nonetheless.
Banjo-Tooie for the Nintendo 64.
by Arkatos July 03, 2004
A manky old guy with a grizzly full beard, skanky unwashed hair, and thick rimmed glasses with a near permanent roll up fag in his mouth. Often seen walking out of off-licences.
I saw the worst possible Nobby on the train earlier.
by Arkatos June 19, 2004
A totally down to earth film reviewer. Different to most critics as he reviews popular films he considers did not deserve the attention they gained, hence the reason he is 'confused'. He explains why in a clear and detailed fashion and offers solid arguments as to why a film was bad.
Confused Matthew:
They may as well as hung a neon sign over the water that says "this way to the secret Gungan city".
by Arkatos August 25, 2010

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