The phrase you use before you knowingly, intentionally, and viciously offend someone.
No offense, Nick, but we've always hated your guts and we're just using you for your big-screen...and your sister, who by the way is a raging slut. Especially after a couple shots of Cuervo.
by C-Mills November 29, 2010
Something people say because they think that saying it makes something less offensive.
Bob: No offense Joe, but I hate you so much that I pray for your death daily. You're just a motherfucking cuntlicking son-of-a-bitch asswipe that needs to fuck off and die. You fuck your mother's vulva for fun.
Joe: Oh, that's okay, 'cause you said 'No offense'.
by Jimbo, M.D. September 04, 2011
Used for pointing out something negative while trying not to offend someone. People now use this to offend without repercussions. Stupid shits.
Guy A: Putting your hand in the blender is really, no offense, uh, foolish.

Guy B: None taken.
by RiotRanger June 10, 2010
Something someone says right before saying something that may be offensive. as opposed to, say, not saying anything offensive at all.
You are such a completely moronic asshole. No offense
by LordXeras January 06, 2011
What you say to someone when you purposefully and obviously mean something you said in an insulting way.
You are a niggerdouchefaggot bitch homo gayfuck bitch! no offense and you're retarded
by biathczsssww January 23, 2012

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