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one who has no eyebrows; eyebrowless; missing eyebrows
brendan corey has no brows.
by pat April 12, 2005
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A person who has little or no eyebrows.
The term originates from a small town in Ireland, called Portadown, first used on a school bus to insult a real asshole who was devoid of eyebrows.
See also; eyebrowless
Jon: Yer ma!!
Marley: F**k off Jon, you have no eyebrows!
Ryan: Yea, go to hell nobrows!
by rian February 14, 2005
To commit a no brows is to slam another's head into a keyboard when one is aggravated, especially when the victim is considered "derpy" or otherwise silly.
Him: "Man, that Noah sure did a number on that poor kid over there!"
Me: "That's what a no brows tends to do."
#violent #peaceful #angry #enraged #blasphemer #no-brows #nobrows
by WarmPootyTang June 09, 2013
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