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A contraction of 'bro-ing' and 'rowing', this refers to the act of bonding among male teammates through association with, or mutual participation in the sport of rowing. Depending on the context, it can also refer to any male-oriented social activities in which these teammates collectively engage. (see also bro-ing).
Dude, I'm feelin like a big browing session tonight!

Why do you get up so early in the morning? Because I love going browing on the river with the guys!
by w9c9q January 12, 2011
The act of ruffling one's brow to show disgust or displeasure. An angry form of bumming out. Quite often this clearly spoken form of non-verbal communication can spark confrontation.
Did you catch Terry browing after that chick spilled his beer? If she was a dude he would have kicked her ass.
by crankdatunes June 10, 2011
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