Acronym for Need More Heroin. Usually used in sarcasm as in the example. Can also be used seriously. Fuckin teens, man.
A: Dude what is up with jack being such an asshole today?

B: Prolly NMH.

A: ha, yeah prolly does.
#texting #slang #acronym #instant messaging lingo #teen talk
by thettrix December 06, 2011
Top Definition
Acronym for "nodding my head." Originated from the popular acronym smh, meaning shaking my head, but means the exact opposite. Rather than feeling disappointed, nmh means you're excited, pumped, or just plain happy.
Mark: Hey dude, you and Sarah gonna hook up?
Tom: Probably man, she already asked me to stay the night. nmh.
#smh #excited #pumped #amped #happy
by Vondreadz July 09, 2011
A boarding school located in Gill, MA. Home of the Hoggers, NMH was founded by Dwight Lyman Moody in 1879. It's historical rival is Deerfield Academy.
NMH beat Deerfield at home 99-33 in basketball in 2004.
by NMH May 30, 2005
A kick-ass school in Mass. filled with druggies and asians.
I am currently a freshman at NMH.
by Hogger February 21, 2005
Abbreviation for the indie rock band "Neutral Milk Hotel".
Person 1: I loooooooooooooove youuuuuuuuu jesuuuuuuuuuuuuuus chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssst
Person 2: I love NMH!
#neutral milk hotel #jesus christ #jeff mangum #/mu/ #indie rock
by The Animal Collectors September 13, 2010
nodding my head, more relaxed then nmfh (nodding my fucking head)
shyguy09: wat the fuk mike.. u ate her out didnt u
mike_nd_ike32: nmh.. wasnt as bad as i thought it wud b
#nodding my head #sn #screenname #eating out #aim #nmfh
by shadyone91 August 04, 2009
Not My Husband
AP: how was your date?
TS: He's is a real nice guy but NMH
#not #my #husband #date #nmh
by trsompo November 16, 2011
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