Not My Husband
AP: how was your date?
TS: He's is a real nice guy but NMH
by trsompo November 16, 2011
Nod My Head

-started by sjack
thing 1 - who is that shutdown is playing?
thing 2 - oh thats sjr....hes soff az fukk
thing 1 - oh thats true i agree

thing 1 & 2 - NMH
by Sjack August 02, 2009
Acronym for "Nothing Much Here" and a standard part of most Junior High note salutations.
"Hey, whassup? NMH, just chillin'"
by Rothul October 06, 2003
a school that should not even exist...... that is how bad it is.
-Did u apply to NMH???
* NMH!??? that piece of crap! Id rather burn in hell then go there.....
by NMH traitor. May 04, 2005
~A school in Massachusetts that thinks they are Deerfield Adcademy's rival but actually just sucks ass.
Person 1: Who is your rival, NMH?
Person 2: HAHA no, they suck almost as much ass as choate
by Samantha April 08, 2005
The opposite of smh (shake my head); nod my head is what it stands for
She: "smh"

in sarcasm you say: "nmh"
by John "Sun" Smith August 28, 2014

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