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slang A question as to the state of somebody's well being; a warm greeting; a slang version of the question 'what is up?'
whassup buddie!
by Nanse :) July 29, 2002
Whassup is a shortuned form of "What is up?" Normally used by lazy people or people in a hury, alost used as a Greating
"whassup my homie?"
or" Whass up we goona be late for the movie?"
by Skippy November 30, 2003
adj. to describe something that is excellent, first-rate or pleasing to the eyes.
Person 1: Hey did you hear that new Lil Wayne song?
Person 2: Chea, man. That's whassup!!

Person A: I just copped some new Forces. Are you feelin 'em?
Person B: Mos def, nigga... Those shoes are whassup!!
by Kelera March 18, 2006
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