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Old Man Gangbang. Slang used in text messaging among teens, usually referring to a sbbq or other sexual gathering where one or more adult men are present.
No fkn way ill be @ the sbbq if Amy's dad's gonna be there, omgb ftl!
by thettrix December 06, 2011
Sex Barbecue. An increasingly popular form of party among teens, similar to a bonfire with alcohol, but with food and sex as well.
Hey man u goin to that sbbq later?
by thettrix December 06, 2011
Acronym for Need More Heroin. Usually used in sarcasm as in the example. Can also be used seriously. Fuckin teens, man.
A: Dude what is up with jack being such an asshole today?

B: Prolly NMH.

A: ha, yeah prolly does.
by thettrix December 06, 2011
Acronym for Prolapsing My Colon.

Used in reference to any activity deemed too personal or private to discuss directly.
A: Man you been in the bathroom for an hour! The fuck you doing in there??

B: PMC, obviously.
by thettrix December 06, 2011
Doing Lots Of Drugs. Often used in teen text messaging to mask the content from parents or prying eyes.
Yo wtf wuz up wit dat hoe at the party? Def DLOD, man!
by thettrix December 06, 2011
An acronym for Parents Suck Mad Dick. Means what it seems to.
A: Ugh I can't go to the concert tomorrow, my dad wont let me. FML!

B: Damn dude, PSMD.

A: Fo sho
by thettrix December 06, 2011

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