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Yule, A pagan festival also called the Winter Solstice, celebrates the rebirth of the Sun, the Sun God and honors the Horned God. On Yule we experience the longest night of the year. Although much of the winter's harshest weather is still ahead of us, we celebrate the coming light, and thank the Gods for seeing us through the longest night. It is a time to look on the past year's achievements and to celebrate with family and friends. From this day until Midsummer, the days grow longer, everyday banishing the darkness a little more in a glow of the warm sunlight that brings the world to life again. This day is the official first day of winter. This holiday will fall somewhere between the dates above and varies from year to year depending on when the Sun reaches the southern most point in its yearly trek.
damn near impossible to find decent yule cards that dont say "merry christmas" inside
by SilverFalcon October 10, 2004
An abbreviation for more or less any variety of unix system e.g. Linux, Free BSD, Solaris etc.

Used by those who have actually heard of OS's other than MS
*nix make the switch
by SilverFalcon October 10, 2004
You know you're from Maryland if.
Going on vacation means going to Ocean City for the weekend.
You live within 10 square miles of snobby white people ghetto black people and rednecks.
You can't have french fries without either vinegar or old bay seasoning
Battle of the Beltways is infamous with the rivalries between the Baltimore and Washington D.C sports teams
You get annoyed when people say your from the south
You get annoyed when people say your from the northeast
You went to Port Discovery as a child
You took Maryland state history in the 4th grade
If you don't play lacrosse you know at least 20 people who do.
You always wear sun glasses regardless of what the weather is like outside.
You have broken up a crab before.
You know at least 5 people who are or were in the Navy.
You know what gogo music is.
A weekend road-trip means either going to historic southern Maryland or Downtown Annapolis.
You grill seafood regularly
You hate everything about Northern Virginia
You know a handful of people who work for the government.
You have worn your state flag in some way shape or form.
Every time you go to a large chain restaurant you see at least two people wearing suits.
You went to Sandy Point State Park as a child and thought it was really exotic.
You have been cut of by a car with 20,000 dollar rims on a 2,000 dollar car.
School gets closed for an inch of snow
You either have or have known people who work at Six Flags for their summer job
" Hey Jerry what state are you from ?"
" I'm from Maryland. "
by Silverfalcon May 20, 2013
(singular form of)
An ancient divinationary tool that can be used on its own for readings or in conjunction with other magick practices.

Can be made of many materials including wood, stone, metal, shell etc.
which rune is that, eolh?
by SilverFalcon October 10, 2004
You know your from New Jersey if

You live within 30 minutes from the beach but never go there in the Summer do to them being overcrowded

The beach is the shore

You either love or hate New York City

You have at least 10 pairs of hats and sun glasses

You defend your state to outsiders but then bash it just as much

You rarely if ever refer to your state as Jersey

You know of people who were affiliated with the mafia

You know what real pizza taste like

You hate the TV Show Jersey shore

You have called New York City NYC before.
You think Trenton is the worst place ever

You know people who hate New York City but still like their sports teams.

You don't eat seafood, despite living so close to the ocean

Cheese Pizza is Plain Pizza and nothing else

You pronounce Mario Mae-Rio

Newark is Ne-wark

You'll go to other states such as Maryland Delaware and Virginia to go to the beach just to avoid the overcrowding of your own.

You live for Summer
Hey Ted were are you from

I'm from New Jersey
by Silverfalcon May 22, 2013
Abbreviation for New Technology File System, the file system introduced with windows NT to replace the file allocation table (FAT) system.

The *nix kernel is not compatible with NTFS at present.
you'd be more secure with NTFS you know
by SilverFalcon October 10, 2004

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