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Meant to be used as an acronym - as in 'n'o 'i'ncome, 'n'o 'j'ob or 'a'ssets. Basically, a person who is a deadbeat, loser, dreg of society, waste of skin, useless, etc...
My older brother Derek follows the path of the ninja -- he's unemployed, smokes pot all day, and still lives at home with my parents.
by drunkenpetes October 25, 2007
as an adjective: of, pertaining to, exhitibiting homosexuality;
as a noun: a homosexual person
adjective: Guys figure skating?!? That's so dumbledore.
noun: Did you see that?!? Dennis made out with a dude. I think he's a dumbledore.
by drunkenpetes October 25, 2007
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