The art of dissapearing from a room or area with people, without any of them noticeing. it is very awesome, and hard to learn. they are great at partys, and it makes a terrific exit. *very similar to "pulling a batman".
GUY #1: so, dude, have u like, seen tony around here? I beat him in a chugging contest.
GUY #2: yeah, but he must have left.
GUY #1: no way, i had every exit covered. the dude owes me 5 bucks!
GUY #2: dude! do u know what happened?? the dude must've pulled a ninja on you!
GUY #1: what i jerk. but you've gotta admit, its pretty cool.
by Quantum Kestrel December 08, 2011
Acronym standing for. No, Income, No, Job, Asshole
Jennifer thought Rob was a NINJA which is why she did not take him seriously when they dated.
by Gdub's May 23, 2011
Another word for a small-sized Indian. Ninjas are usually camouflage by darkness (except their eyeballs will give them away) hence they are able to kick you right in the ass without you even knowing.
That little ninja came out of nowhere the other night! I swear I didn't even see him!
by yojello January 11, 2011
The Awesomest game ever!

Everyone is standing in a circle with their hands together in the middle when ninjas unite. On the count of three everyone jumps back into a ninja pose. Starting with anyone in the circle, one person makes one fluent movent to attack at another player. The other player can can make one fluent movement to avoid getting hit by the other player. If they get hit on the elbow or down, that arm is out. If not, then it is still in. Once you get both hands out, you are out of the game. When one person goes, the turns go around in the circle either clockwise or counterclockwise. This game is so addicting!
Person 1: Man! I can't believe I lost ninja! I always win!
Person 2: Not this time! The first time player won! Yay Me!
by nedrag September 03, 2010
Something nearly every single azn that exists claims to be.

John: No. No, your not. Your a basement dwelling otaku with no friends. GTFO.
by Pencilz June 03, 2010
An amazing game in which people must survive ninja karate chops in order to be the last ninja standing.

The rules are:
1. Extend one arm and place it in the middle with everyone else's arm.
2. On the count of 1, 2, 3, NINJA everyone jumps back (forming a circle) and strikes a ninja pose.
3. The game begins when a ninja decides to attempt to chop the hand of another ninja.
4. An attack attempt must only be made in one motion. Once that motion is made, the ninja must freeze is his new pose. Attacks can only be made to the ninja to the right or left.
5. Only attacking a ninja's hand will get him/her eliminated.
6. The ninja being attacked may dodge; however, that ninja must stay in his/her new ninja pose until he/she attacks or is attacked.
7. It is not necessary to attack every turn.
8. The last ninja standing is the ultimate ninja.
-Hey, do you wanna play ninja?
-No, I'm just not awesome enough for that game

-What happened while you were playing ninja?
-I accidentally had my hands by my sac, and let's just say the attacking ninja got handful.

by Champion Ninja March 14, 2010
1.(adj) Used to describe something that is so awesome it blows your mind. Comes from the fact that ninjas are
2.Can also be used as a characteristic to describe a person or thing.
1. "Did you see those gangstas on scooters rockin there kickass skillz before??" "Yeah, it was so ninja!"
2. "That girl is so ninja for starting the use of the word ninja in many people's daily life.
3. Daybies think that's so endo when really it's not even ninja.
by Sniperx992 January 27, 2010

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