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The act of looting an item off a monster that you or your party has recently killed before anyone else has a chance.
Scree is king of the ninja loot'ers.
by Oberon March 31, 2003
In an MMORPG, the act of stealing treasure chests or other valuables by waiting for another player to engage any nearby aggro mobs and then ganking it.
"Dammit! That fucktard ganked my chest! I hate fucking ninja looters!"
by Fernando February 26, 2005
1: To steathilty steal something 2: To take with out the other person noticing 3: To sneak in and steal a game item after someone else killed the monster
1."Where's my pepsi stash? I've been ninjalooted!?!"
2."OMFG! that gamer1234 just ninjalooted the shadow-saber!"
by sherbet April 08, 2006
To pick up an item although you cannot use it or don't need it.
*You recieve loot: Mega Uber Item*
*You recieve loot: Mega Uber Item 2*
*You recieve loot: Mega Uber Item 3*

RandomGuy: FU Ninjalooter!11 omfg wtf?1+ im gunna repotr u n wriet on teh forums!11 umg nublet!1
by Nurf June 05, 2005
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