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6 definitions by flex


1. Inferior, as in quality, condition or effect
2. Severe or unfavorable
3. Being far from a standard; less desireable or satisfactory


1. The act of licking, sucking or otherwise orally stimulating the scrotum and testes
2. Blowing the hairy bagpipes; shining the family jewels.
1. Waking up in a puddle of your own vomit really sucks the bag.

2. A woman who sucks the bag while slobbing the knob is a keeper.
by Flex June 25, 2004
19 11
the best band ever to come from belle vernon
that band summer aura is so fucking awesome. im gonna go to their website. www.summeraura.cjb.net
by Flex January 14, 2004
9 6
An abreviation of two words; twat and scally.

Practically an oxymoron, as scallies are invariably twats. This word is short for a "twat of a scally."
Look at the tracksuit on that twalley!
by flex March 07, 2005
4 2
someone who has poison ivy on their pee pee or pussy.
jesse martino was atruckler last year because he got poison ivy and touched his pee pee, but now hes ok.
by Flex January 14, 2004
3 5
World of Warcraft
A person who runs around taking loot from kills.
That fucking bitch is a loot ninja!!
by flex March 16, 2005
6 10
To lose to a player on the cruddiest, lamest, buggiest computer running Unreal Tournament.
Omg, I just got napalmed :(
by Flex January 03, 2004
3 7