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An expression used just before ones life is removed from ones body
BLARG, you stabbed me! I dead!
by Shockcannon November 22, 2004
A person who, through accidental methods or with intent to do so, kills most or all of their team, may happen repeatedly. Abbreviated as a "TK'er"
N00b: *Grenades his whole team*
players 1-4: DUDE, STOP TK'ING!
by Shockcannon March 03, 2005
This term generally applies to MMORPG's, and is used to describe someone who will join a party for the sole purpose of taking every single item of any value whatsoever, regardless of who killed the target and is the rightful owner of the items. A loot ninja will most often seem like a normal player, except when time comes to play the number roll game for a rare, they will roll, and then exploit a bug or a glitch in which they take the loot, regardless of what they rolled. Often hated by other players, and even more so by others of their kind. Sometimes referred to as a Loot Whore, or a n00b. Most people consider loot ninja'ing and those who do it to be committing a high crime, and often bring in a game master about them.
Party member 1: Did OMGHAXX take the rare again?
Party member 2: Yeah, he's such a f***ing loot ninja dude
System: OMGHAXX has obtained -Insert rare item-
System: OMGHAXX has left the party
by ShockCannon July 02, 2005
One who takes advantage of online players who cannot type as fast and/or do not have a voice headset to speak on, and kills them while they are in the process of typing out a message. Not to be confused with a TK'er, which means something totally different.
Victim: *Typing out message*
Attacker:*Takes adavantage of victim's inability to protect themself and kills them*
Victim: Dude, stop type killing, ya Lamer.
by Shockcannon March 03, 2005
A slang term meaning "Are you for real?"; Often used in conjunction with Fer or Far
Are you fer shizzle my nizzle?
by Shockcannon November 23, 2004
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