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sweatshop labor
They work me like nike.
by chimaera January 22, 2003
where nike and gap, and old navy, and banana republic, and j crew, and etc... products are produced while paying workers ~$0.12/hour
fuck sweatshops
by chimaera January 22, 2003
1. music television... channel filled with crappy reality shows and relatively few music videos.
MTV used to be good, now its not
by chimaera December 09, 2003
how you say Luigi in Japan
The Mario Bros. are Mario and Ruigi
by Chimaera December 06, 2003
Runway supermodels who's heads are wider than their bodies, most likely due to starvation diets.
How long do you think those lollipop models have gone without food?
by Chimaera December 06, 2003
A 1337 gamer that pwns @ CS, and will destroy any score set at any racing game on PS2 :oP

Also a ancient greek myth, front end of a lion, back end of a goat, serpent tail, head of a lion and a goat and breaths fire.

Transliteration from greek : Khimaira
Latin Spelling : Chimera
English Spelling : Chimaera
'IM4n00b' says :OMG Chimaera must be haxor, likes.
'Chimaera' says :STFU

rcon_kick ban IM4n00b 2000 hrs
by Chimaera January 12, 2004
Designer coffee chain that exploits coffee farmers all over the world in their quest for world domination of the beverage market.
Lets break the windows at Starbucks
by chimaera January 22, 2003

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