a prefix used to phrase an adjective in its most extreme sense
damn that souvlaki is nikespensive
by Mr. ZTS August 25, 2008
Child labor
Guy 1: Check out my new Nike shoes! They were made by underpaid little children!

Guy 2: That's awesome! I should go buy some!

Guy 1: Yay! BFFS for life!!!
by candyland717 July 10, 2008
Something that can be used to fix a problem, without fully understanding why or how it works. Derived from the Nike slogan "Just Do It".

Originally used by C++ programmers who frequently copy and paste sections of code when they get nonsensical error messages.
I kept getting compilation errors in my code until I added these Nikes and it just started to work.
by Bonnici June 15, 2008
1. A word said to make a person perform a task at any possible way. Derived from the intergalactic-wide infamous saying: "Fuck Your Best, Just Do It. Nike".
2. A sports-equipment company who bases its sales on planet earth using a shorter version of the infamous saying, for sales acceleration (FYI: exploition of East-Asian children of low economic stature may vary).
1. Soldier: "Sir, we're doing our best to hold the line,
but the enemy is advancing! Over."
Commander: "Fuck your best, Just do it. Nike. Over and
2. Sports-shoes, Sportswear, Sport-gear, Sports...
- Do you really need examples?!
by Coma, separated November 15, 2006
Tiger Woods' religion.
#1: Is Tiger religous?
#2: Yeah, he's a Nike.
#1: WTF!?
by Zopal August 07, 2005
Sportswear brand that controls approx. 70% of the sportswear market. The vast majority of its produce is not designed for any sport. Footwear is very often heavy and contains far too much cushioning and tacky design. Made for the street under the guise of sportswear.
Nike shox are like putting a couple of cats under my feet.
by Gumba Gumba February 22, 2004
really ill shoes but it sucks because they are in now so they're not cool anymore
"Yo I just got lime green and pink and purple and red nikes"
"ill! too bad they're in now"
by mealzmuffin September 24, 2007
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