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to purposely ignore a comment made by someone based solely on the fact that they are black
"uh oh, here comes shaniqua if you talk to her she wont leave all night, lets nignore her"
by thehappyclub July 17, 2009
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To ignore someone while showing atitude in doing it, usually with hand gestures.
Damn, Shirley, when Chantel nignored you, she threw her finger in your face and you didn't do nothin' about it.
by dabbadee June 13, 2009
to be ignored by someone who, in the process of ignoring you, is acting in a manor befitting that of a black person. ie- ignoring you out of pure laziness.
Mike's phone: " ring ring, ring ring "

Me: " wtf.."

Mike's phone: " ring ring,"

Me: "god damnit, mike just nig nored me."
by The rev G April 03, 2011

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