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Only the fastest character alive, Superman may have super sonic speed. But The Flash has light speed. Superman couldn't even touch him when they raced.
The Flash: I'm suprised you could even see me.

Superman: Well, I'm suprised you could run as fast as me backwards and run on water
by StrongStong May 06, 2007
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When you go to a club, get drunk, and leave with a woman, not knowing she is hideous. You then return to her apartment, and you sober up before you are about to have sex. Though you realize she is unattractive, you still fuck her. You then proceed to bust your nut quickly, somewhere between five or ten minutes. Once you nut, you immediately pull out, grab your clothes, and bolt out of her house. Just as The Flash would do.
Dude 1: "Bro what happened to you last night? You left with some ugly chick."

Dude 2: "I know man. Lets just say i was The Flash last night. I got to her house at around 1:00 and was home at 1:09."
by DNKenij March 29, 2009
A very fast guy who can time travel,better than zoom,played by Grant Gustin,and on CW.
by Winter_CatYT May 25, 2016
A man on methanphetamines masquerading as a superhero.
Jeff: What about The Flash?
Peanut: He doesn't have any powers, he's on meth!
by Gerokeymaster November 19, 2009
The worst comic book character ever. His only superpower is that he's fast and he lost a race to Superman, so he's really good for nothing.
The Flash: Look at me! I'm fast!
Jessie Owens: You're not even faster than me. Shut up.
by Sidd_Finch June 03, 2006
The look you give your friend when your teacher says you will be working with partners .
After the teacher said you will be working in pairs , Jane gave bob "the flash"
via giphy
by Hellouglyyy August 06, 2016
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