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make it competible with nigger needs, make it look like it belongs to a nigger
oh man look at the niggerized car hahaha
by Scottieboi May 21, 2006
To have someplace perfectly good completely taken over by black dudes.
Yo, they opened up that new Mickey D's on Portage Avenue, but it got totally niggerized and I can't get any service up there.
by Douchehole June 11, 2007
To become gangster like. To turn something
into a gangster look.
Yo man you niggerized your ride! Yo I'm gonna niggerize this neighbourhood.
by Fayzul July 26, 2005
to modify a person, place or thing in a niggerish way.
to accessorize with niggerish apparel.
Hey go buy 28" rims with spinners so we can niggerize this golf cart.

Hey I won the lottery. Now we can niggerize the house with a Church's Chicken bar!

Let's niggerize the english language, we'll call it ebonics!
by akayak January 06, 2011
To accessorize in a niggerly fashion or manner.
To accessorize in a ghetto fashion or manner.
When a Wigger accessorizes in a manner, only trying to be more black.
Anthony would niggerize every day before school.
Niggerizing became very mainstream in today's culture.
by iliekmudkips January 02, 2010
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