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To nigger around!
To hang around, being a small crook, thinking about stealing money to spend on drugs,
to walk around without clear purpose other than to be a criminal.
I don't want to go through that alley,
There are some niggers, niggering around, and I just don't feel safe!
by Fukaface! February 03, 2011
To nigger someone. The act of cheating or treating unjustly.
Hey, that teacher is niggering me for my late exam.
Quit niggering me, I was only 4 hours late.
by D. C. Chesterholme January 31, 2008
Usually niggering means to act like a nigger (or be a nigger, and being yourself there).

In other words, stealing, robbing, lying, doing drugs, monkeying about, not making sense, being lazy and living off of anything that gives you something for free (like foodstamps, granma's house without paying rent), doing illegal stuff, and stinking.

Other practices of niggering can include walking with hoodies at night, and sunglasses when the sun don't shine, wearing unnatural looking wigs, and shouting at a cellular phones (usually gotten from a free program)
Dude, this guy is just roaming around on the streets, what the heck is he upto?

Ow, he's just niggering around.
by Fukaface! February 22, 2011
Having sex with a pretty girl and then in the morning stealing her bike
I niggered that bitch right out of a brand new bike. I took her bike and her shoes. I gave her a good niggering when I took her bike and shoes.
by Niggeraka August 22, 2008
The act of stealing, hijacking, breaking and entering with intent of burglary, or general thieving.
Where's my car! FUCK! Don't tell me I just got niggered!

Why do kleptomaniacs like niggering other people?
by Bitch ass motherfucker July 02, 2010
The act of being a nigger.

1. To steal from someone.

2. To sneak around the kitchen.

3. To have a meal consisting of two of the following, fried chicken, watermelon, or grape drank (aka grade soda/kool-aid).

4. To think you are better than everyone else because you are a minority.

5. To vote for Obama just cause he's black.
Dude, that guy is niggering around.
by Wraith55 January 02, 2011
Beating someone to death with a nigger, killing both the victim, and the nigger.
Man 1: Fuck I want to beat the shit out of Jennah, that bitch!
Man 2: She definitely deserves a good niggering!
by Niggering4Life November 09, 2010
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