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just a squirrelly nig that has no special importance
Oh look at that niggaboo he's dancing a jig.
by Squirrel Nipps November 29, 2004
a term of endearment for your black friends
my niggaboo Rodney bought me food last night.

my niggaboo shaniqua is coming to do my hair
by JohnDoe William Patrick May 23, 2011
A black person that is also a weeaboo
Anon: What are you watching?
Niggaboo: Oh, i'm watching the super sugoi Anime called Kiniro Mosaic. Ayaya is so kawaii!
Anon: You fucking Niggaboo
by Mr Krabs-chan March 11, 2016
a nig that jumps out of nowhere. sometimes referred to as a "boonigga."
"look out it's a niggaboo!"
by mr. mr. mr. mr. boo November 20, 2006
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