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bizarre characteristics that cannot be explained
"dude, that dude is just... just fucking squirrelly."
by dirk squarejaw May 04, 2003
Unable to make up one's mind. Darting back and forth for no apparant reason. Doing things for no logical reason.
"My girlfriend said she loved me, but then she ran off to live with another guy."

"Dude, she is just squirrelly."
by Scruff November 28, 2004
1.having the attributes of a squirrel. Acrobatic, sneaky,probably up to no good in a good way. Zen tweaking ninja.
(not to be confused with "weaselly" or the "tweaking" of pigeons)
2. probably deliberate, wack spazzy strangeness
You see that kid Robot, the one with his bare feet hangin' outta the airduct, trying to sneak into the principal's office, the one singing Christmas carols? Dude's friggin' squirrelly!
by roger January 27, 2004
1.) Unable to concentrate, focus, or otherwise stay on task
2.) Hyper or energized
3.) Goofy or playful
1.) The choir got nothing accomplished because it was a Friday and everyone was extremely squirrelly.
2.) She ran around the room several times, behaving in a very squirrelly manner.
3.) The newlyweds were very squirrelly on their honeymoon
by Anovan February 25, 2007
foolishly silly and ridiculously funny with characteristics of a squirrel, comedian; characterized by an Oliver
Oliver, you are such a squirrely fellow.
by Bakery Doodle April 06, 2003
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