a fifty (like 50 dollar bill)
hay folk i aint got nuthin but a nifty
by dj May 24, 2004
adj. phrase used by mostly preppy girls to indicate a postitve quality
Natalie "I just got new Pumas!"
Eliab "That's nifty!! Where'd you get them?"
by Eliane December 08, 2003
It means very attractive.
"Has anyone ever told you that you are VERY Nifty?"
by Brian Lowe July 15, 2004
slang for a 5.0 ford mustang
that fool Joe just copped a nifty the other day.
by fotweny November 15, 2004
used as slang for "schwag" by COREY. Who in return once notices this addition will promptly delete it and then continue to the search box, and type "schwag". Before this message there has been no use in the word nifty to define such an object.
either they got nifty or cronic.
by chaospike April 24, 2005
Something that nifts
The Nifter is Nifty
by joeblows November 18, 2003

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