Something good, often in a strange or weird and usually illigitamate way
'A shady character on the street gave me free money'
by Anoluge January 04, 2006
An overused adjective to describe something someone finds interesting. Often used by people with a limited vocabulary.
Person 1: Is that a FLYING elephant on a unicycle!? That is sooooooo nifty!
Person 2: ...Get the fuck away from me.
by Lord Bologna March 11, 2010
means the same as cool, or great. People use it a lot with sarcasim. It's a lot like the words excellent and awesome too.
That's quite a nifty bike you have son.
by Kostou May 29, 2006
Verb: describes an experience that was lame to totally awesome
Lame: That was.....nifty?
Awesome: OMG! That music video was so nifty!
by nicklebackqueen August 19, 2008
neat, smart, stylish (see also slick)
These nifty glasses lenses automatically darken in bright light to protect your eyes.
by Light Joker October 15, 2005
really very sexy, wonderfull, exciting, or stupendous
"The new _______ CD came out!"
by ari shows her o face September 13, 2005
a fifty (like 50 dollar bill)
hay folk i aint got nuthin but a nifty
by dj May 24, 2004

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