An overused adjective to describe something someone finds interesting. Often used by people with a limited vocabulary.
Person 1: Is that a FLYING elephant on a unicycle!? That is sooooooo nifty!
Person 2: ...Get the fuck away from me.
by Lord Bologna March 11, 2010
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(adj.) To be very cool or neat; Existing in a unique, positive manner.
"I got a nifty new sledgehammer, care to see?"
by Cheshyre Neko December 09, 2003
awesome, cool. also see spiffy.
My shoes are so nifty.
by Meredith October 20, 2004
Refers to, a rather large archive of erotic literature, a bit of it rather odd. Includes a vast array of topics, including, but not limited to, beastiality, incest, rape, bondage, hermaphrodism, gay/lesbian/bi/trans, sex with children, and at least one rendition of the story behind tubgirl.
Nifty is home to some of the most fucked up and disturbing stories ever. Long live Nifty.
by Mike September 17, 2004
awesome, really cool.
"That's so nifty!"
by Kittaayy January 09, 2009
In general, anything that is great, helpful, or unexpectedly awesome.

Nifty can be used in many different contexts.

Nifty is a great describing word and will soon be used by the entire population. Wouldnt that be nifty?
My, isn't that a nifty pen?
Wow! look at what my niftypen can do!
She probalby has a lot of nifty knowledge rattling around in her ol' noggin!
I printed off the page for you as it has some nifty studying tips on it.

still confused?
take a trip to see your math teacher; they love nifty.
by obama.91 March 22, 2010
(adj) Something cool.
Sluggy is Nifty
by Benkay November 08, 2002
it's just nifty

something that's cwl(cool)and useful and you're glad of it

usually used when something is changed or is new
WOW! This is really nifty! oh cwl!
by Sian and Gav March 29, 2005

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