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Crying With Laughter!
Person A: So he said, i'll tie up your tonsils and shove you down a drain.

Person B: *CWL!!!*
by ZahZah October 05, 2010
it's used alot by people who are welsh or want to be welsh (frankly you dont blame them for trying). It's used on MSN as a replacement for cool and it is also spelt that way in the welsh language

(Also the aeronautical name for cardiff airport - CWL)
i.e. That's cwl or just cwl
by Sian and Gav March 29, 2005
short for: Crazy Woman Logic
She had a dream I cheated on her and now she's mad at me. She has CWL.
by slippy_hand October 16, 2013
CoD World League.
The biggest professional World League, for Call of Duty
Scumpi is arguably the best CWL SubSlayer in Bo3
by Hopi-NiN April 05, 2016
“Curvy Women Lover” (Common Abbreviation as CWL) is a term used in the context of affirmation of sexual attraction and/or sexual preference to women who are curvy. Curvy includes : plus-sized, thick, big breasted, chubby, BBW & SSBBW.

Important that this is a preference and NOT a fetish. CWL are proud men and/or women who love to embrace a woman’s curves.
Katie has a curvaceous figure and her boyfriend Mike, who's a CWL loves it.
by Michael CWL June 03, 2010
"lol tasha you totes jus made me cwl"
by ellissh April 19, 2008

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