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verb To use the law to destroy innocent people.
The cops nifonged the family by planting drugs in their house.
by Guy Macher July 04, 2007
action verb

The practice of deception by hiding important evidence, information, or creating false statements to futher ones career without being caught. To knowingly undermine set professional standards to further ones career, on the back of innocent people. Useful tool of lawyers, politicans, accountants or anyone trying to get the edge over people.

An illegal and unethical act of conducting issues of trust and legal proceedings. Maybe punishable by legal remedies if caught doing it.

A tool for people in position of power, authority, or trust to conduct a form of fraudlant practices to futher ones hidden agenda.
. The district attorney tried to do a Nifong on us, but we caught on, as well as the jury.

2. The officials of Enron Nifonged the stockholders, employees, and the public, which eventually caused Enron officials being convicted of fraud see Enron.

3. The accounted did a Nifong on the board of directors and stockholders to keep his job and his financial missteps quiet and hidden.

4. The politicians did a nifong on the voters, just to get elected on a shaky platform.

5. If a lawyer does the nifong option, and caught he can be disbarred, lose his law license and by sued by victims of his nifonging.

6. The district attorney performed a Nifong and got away with it, causing the defendant to be found guilty.
by anthony skoien June 21, 2007
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