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Nifonged is a verb that describes the railroading or harming of a person with no justifiable cause to do so, except for one's own gain. It can be used as a substitute for "screwed" and many other similar words.

It is created to display someone being taken advantage of unfairly by someone without scruples or morals.

We knew we were BEING NIFONGED when we were forced to pay an extra $50 duty to the customs agent for bringing foreign magazines into Mexico under the threat of jail time.

2. When I saw that the rebate on my new DVD player was not honored by the company I'd bought it from, I had the distinct feeling I was GETTING NIFONGED.

3. "When we noticed that our belongings were missing from our room, we had the distinct feeling we had been NIFONGED by the locals.

-variations - may be used in place of slang or common terms denoting a situation where one is "bamboozled" "hoodwinked" or "screwed"

Fonging Fonged


1. When the professor only gave me a B- on my paper, I had the feeling I was getting a royal FONGING.

2. When I walked in to find my Dog had chewed up my term paper I knew I was FONGED.

by Marco2006 June 25, 2006

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