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A term for the Bengals' teams of the 1990s who had many consecutive losing and non-playoff seasons and a number of first-round draft busts. Originally said by Steelers broadcasting legend Myron Cope.
Who remembers the "famous" Cincinnati Bungles like David Klinger and Ki-Jana Carter?
#cincinnati #cincinnati bengals #cincinnati bungles #football #nfl #follies
by StoogeWatcher March 21, 2011
An expression used to call out hypocrites, including "environmentalists" with private jets, politicians who send their children to private schools while opposing measures to give other kids the same chance, or those who accuse others of racism while not hiring minorities.

Also the name of a 2005 book by Peter Schweizer, subtitled "Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy."
Hillary Clinton is basicallly proof of Do As I Say Not As I Do.
#peter schweizer #liberal #hypocrisy #limousine liberal #champagne socialist
by StoogeWatcher July 29, 2010
A term coined by New Orleans sports commentator Buddy Diliberto during the 1980-81 season, when the Saints went 1-15.
The New Orleans Aints gave us the whole paper bag over the head thing.
#new orleans saints #football #saints #new orleans #nfl #losers #futility #embarassment
by StoogeWatcher January 11, 2011
A nickname for U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner, who used the excuse that he didn't know how to use TurboTax to justify his failure to pay $34,000 in taxes over four years.
TurboTax Timmy controls our tax dollars, but he doesn't even pay his own taxes.
#timothy geithner #tax cheat #turbotax #democrat #politics #hypocrite
by StoogeWatcher July 29, 2010
The act of terror fronts like Hamas-linked CAIR to try and intimidate people into giving in using friviolous lawsuits.
My neighbor was almost a victim of litigation jihad.
#cair #terror #jihad #islamofascism #hamas
by StoogeWatcher January 15, 2013
The headscarf Muslim women wear and use to try and get special privileges.
Despite supposedly understanding the rules, she still tried to sue the school because they wouldn't allow her headbag.
#cair #hijab #headscarf #islamofascism #jihad
by StoogeWatcher January 15, 2013
A curse that happens after a sports personality appears on the cover of Sports Illustrated. After they appear on the cover, they have a bad performance.
I just hope our team isn't the latest victim of the Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx
#sports illustrated #sports #curse #jinx #superstition #magazine
by StoogeWatcher January 04, 2011
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