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the guy who realized that no one cared about him and his shitty band 98 degrees anymore, so he married another pop star who no one cared about, jessica simpson. they made a shitty show where jessica was a dumbass, and now they're rich and famous.
and everyone still knows that jessica simpson is really dumb.
by b0Bz0r3llo February 10, 2005
Lucky bastard who not only gets to fuck Jessica Simpson whenever he wants to, but also has a lot of money.
He's such a Nick Lachey.
by David May 12, 2004
Husband of ditsy Jessica Simpson. He used to be a member of the band "98 degrees" but then went solo. He now shows off his steroid body on Newlyweds, an MTV reality show following the lives of dumb blonde Simpson and "normal" Lachey.
That guy is so like Nick Lachey. Not only is his wife some stupid ass (but gorgeous) model, he is in the music industry.
by Anonymous March 11, 2004
It is tough because he was in a boyband everyone was 98% sure was gay, when he went solo he sounds like he was castrated, yet he gets to bang jessica simpson...its not fair he is a fagbag!
You want to join a boyband then once you get big, go solo and sing like a faggot?? Dude, dont go Nick Lachey on me
by LUkeAss January 15, 2004
an extremely hot guy whose marriage with jessica simpson ended after she cheated on him. man she is stupid. hes very sweet and loved jessica simpson more than jessica ever loved him. he is from ohio and one of his best friends is his brother, who is also hot but not as hot as nick say he is more cute.
nick lachey is hot and i will marry him.

i am on team lachey NOT team simpson. (oh btw jessica was seen buying her own team simpson shirt. HOW PATHETIC!!)

by heidi June 16, 2006
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