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verb. when you get married and you have substantially more money than your partner so you get a prenuptial agreement, only for your partner to gain money as you lose yours and when the divorce is finalized it is actually you that have screwed yourself out of a good chunk of money.
-did you hear about Tyler?
-yea i know he's getting a divorce that sucks
-yea but even worse he totally Nick Lacheyed himself, but who would have know his business would go under?
by HELLYA2245 January 26, 2010
12 2
(verb.) getting dumped in an email and feeling worthless enough to write a desperate song about ur feelings to try to get that person back. Very heartbroken
man,she Nick Lacheyed me on facebook.

I've been Nick Lacheyin it all summer.
by TMO U KNO July 15, 2006
10 5